Luxury Playhouses for Kids

Children Playing Outdoors Less

Luxury Interior Features Let's face it, we all want the best for our children - why else do we work so hard to give them the opportunities we didn't have? Today's kids and their parents are busier than ever before. Children are often enrolled in a variety of activities and lessons all designed to help our children learn and grow. While there are certainly countless benefits to exposing our children to a variety of activities, experts warn that overscheduling our children may be doing more harm than good. Add to this all the electronics children today have access to, and it is not surprising that the average child gets less than 30 minutes of outdoor play a week.

Getting Children Outside to Play

Given the importance of outdoor play to the healthy growth and development of our children, one of the best things we can do for our children is to send them outside to play - but where? Providing children a safe outdoor space in which to play that doesn't require constant adult supervision seem a daunting task sometimes. However, it might be actually easier than you think.

Elegant Playhouses Founder and Master Craftsman Al Mower has been giving children incredible outdoor play spaces for over 20 years. These luxurious playhouses are not your traditional, run-of-the-mill playhouses. Instead, they are lavish, finely crafted, one-of-a-kind playhouses that rival most real homes. Fully customizable and built on site by Al himself, they offer children a space all their own in which to play. Elegant Playhouses are beautiful, durable and most importantly, safe.

Standard Interior Features that are Anything but Standard

While the sky is practically the limit when it comes to customizing an Elegant Playhouse, most of our standard features are considered premium features by most other playhouse providers, costing extra in time and miney for installation - if they are even available at all.

Luxury Playhouse Kitchen Included standard in every Elegant Playhouse are:

  • Finished drywall walls
    Would you leave the walls of your home unfinished and the ugly wall stubs exposed for all to see? Of course not! So why would you leave the walls of your playhouse unfinished? While this might seem acceptable to most playhouse providers, it's not at Elegant Playhouses. We want your playhouse to feel and function as closely as possible to your real home, which is why all our playhouses come with finished drywall walls. Simply apply your favorite shade of paint, wallpaper or wood paneling and your Elegant Playhouse will look and feel just like a real home.

  • Baseboards
    It's our attention to the little details that has earned Elegant Playhouses a reputation for providing the best, most luxurious custom playhouses in the world. Details such as baseboards that are often skipped by other playhouse providers are standard in an Elegant Playhouse.

  • Window trim
    Windows are one of the most important features of a real home, as well as in a playhouse. Not only do windows let natural light fill your home or playhouse, they also let us look out at the world. Just like a fine work of art, windows deserve their very own frame to enhance and highlight their appearance, which is why Elegant Playhouses includes window trim in each of our playhouses.

  • Can lighting
    While most playhouses rely solely on natural light from windows to illuminate the playhouses interior,no matter how many windows a playhouse has, occasionally additional lighting is needed. Whether it's a cloudy day, after dark or your child simply needs more light to play or read by, Elegant Playhouse has your covered. Our playhouses come with installed recessed can lighting as a standard feature. No matter how dark it might get outside, the inside of your Elegant Playhouse will always be warm, welcoming, bright and cheery.

  • Linoleum flooring
    Similar to the exposed studs in a playhouse with unfinished walls, a playhouse floor consisting of dirt or unfinished wood is not only unattractive, it can be messy or even dangerous. Elegant Playhouses includes rugged, long lasting and easy to clean linoleum flooring standard in all of our playhouses. This linoleum features a simulated wood grain, giving the floors the look of hardwood and the durability of quality linoleum.

Elegant Playhouses also offers an endless variety of custom features for you to choose from. Whatever your needs or desires, odds are Elegant Playhouses can build it.

Whether you live across town or across the globe, Master Craftsman Al Mower builds every Elegant Playhouse himself on-site. Al's meticulous attention to detail, exceptional craftsmanship and passion for bringing children all over the world the joy of an Elegant Playhouse is what makes Elegant Playhouses truly unique. Contact Elegant Playhouses today and find out why nothing else compares to an Elegant Playhouse. Call (303) 717-7016 or e-mail Elegant Playhouses and give your children or grandchildren a quality custom luxury playhouse they can enjoy for years to come.