Custom Playhouses for Kids

Custom Playhouse Interior If you consider Elegant Playhouses standard interior features impressive, then the custom features that we can craft into your Elegant Playhouse are sure to astonish and amaze. Whether you want a playhouse that is useful and practical, lavish and extravagant or something in between, Elegant Playhouses can design and craft a custom luxury playhouse to perfectly fit your needs. Since the variety of custom features we can include in your Elegant Playhouse are only limited by your imagination here are some of the most popular features we've crafted into our playhouses.

  • High quality hardwood floors
    Elegant Playhouses provides a full range of hardwood flooring options and can accommodate most special requests.

  • Fully functional refrigerator
    Need a place to store snacks for the children? Elegant Playhouses can install a scaled down version of an actual refrigerator, complete with freezer section.

  • Working kitchen faucet and sink
    When we say we can put everything - even the kitchen sink - into your Elegant Playhouse, we really mean it. We now offer real kitchen sinks and faucets complete with running water.

  • High quality custom kitchen cabinetry and countertops
    Elegant Playhouses has a variety of different cabinet finishes and countertop materials to choose from. We can also accommodate most cabinet finish or countertop requests you might have.

  • Built in window seats, shelving and cabinetry
    Looking for a play to store your children's toys, books, crafting supplies and more? A custom built-in shelving unit or cabinet is the perfect place to store your children's playthings until they are needed. Do your children need the ideal place to curl up with a good book? Consider adding a custom built it window seat to your Elegant Playhouse.

  • Handicap accessible
    At Elegant Playhouses we believe that nothing should ever prevent your children from fully enjoying their luxury playhouse, which is why we can now help you design a custom handicap accessible playhouse as well. Whether you need wheelchair accessible entry ways, workspaces, countertops or any other special considerations, Elegant Playhouses can accommodate most requests and help ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience fun and excitement that only an Elegant Playhouse can deliver.

  • Custom multimedia entertainment center
    Perfect for those rainy days, sleepovers or anytime, a custom built entertainment center in your Elegant Playhouse comes complete with whatever multimedia connections you need.

  • Power outlets
    What good would an entertainment and multimedia center be without power? Whether you need to charge a tablet or operate a TV, game console or laptop, you need a safe, reliable source of power and Elegant Playhouses can deliver. Since every Elegant Playhouse comes with interior and exterior lighting standard, it's a great idea to also have plenty of power outlets added to your playhouse design. Itís far easier to install them during construction versus having them added later.

  • Custom Lighting
    Custom Playhouse Interiors While all our playhouses come with recessed interior can lighting, Elegant Playhouses also offers a wide array of custom designer lighting including:

    • Designer sconce lighting - Affixed to the walls these beautiful lights not only illuminate, but can help to highlight decorative aspects and points of interest in your Elegant Playhouse.

    • Custom designed chandeliers - Looking for that special touch? Why not have Elegant Playhouses design a custom chandelier for your Elegant Playhouse? Nothing says luxury quite light an exquisite and ornate custom chandelier.

    • Custom task lighting - Perhaps you are looking for a more practical lighting option in your Elegant Playhouse? If so, then consider having custom task lighting added to the design of your playhouse. Installed under cabinets or above desks or other workspaces, task lighting can give children the light they need for a variety of task while also helping to prevent eye strain.

  • Window treatments
    Whether you are looking for a bit of privacy in your Elegant Playhouse, or simply want to block harsh sun glare, Elegant Playhouses has you covered. We can install almost any type and style of window treatments you wish, from blinds to curtain and everything in between.

  • Custom tongue-and-groove bead board paneling
    Also known as wainscoting, this classic type of wall finish has been in use for more than 130 years. Made of a series of interlocking boards, bead board paneling is as sturdy as it is attractive.

  • Fireplace with simulated burning log space heater
    Nothing makes a room feel warm and inviting quite like a fireplace. Now your children or grandchildren can share that same experience with a custom designed fireplace from Elegant Playhouses. Beautifully crafted, these fireplaces can be built complete with a realistic looking simulated log burning space heater to provide both the look and feel of a real fireplace.

  • Air conditioning
    Just as in most real homes, an Elegant Playhouse can get pretty warm inside on a hot summer day. To prevent children from overheating and make the inside of your Elegant Playhouse comfortable, why not add air conditioning? Elegant Playhouses can install a small, energy efficient window style air conditioning unit to keep your Elegant Playhouse cool all summer long.

  • Insulated walls
    Since all Elegant Playhouses come with finished walls standard, it only makes sense to have your Elegant Playhouse insulated. Regardless of whether you choose to add heating or cooling systems to your playhouse, customizing your Elegant Playhouse with insulated walls can help keep the inside comfortable for your children as they play year-round.This list is only an example of some of the custom features that can be added to your own Elegant Playhouse. When it comes to customizing your own playhouse, the sky is practically the limit. No matter if the custom features you wish to add are practical, fun, or lavish; Elegant Playhouses can incorporate most requests into your custom playhouse design and literally give your children the playhouse of their dreams. For more information or to inquire about a feature you wish to include in your Elegant Playhouse design, call (303) 717-7016 or e-mail Elegant Playhouses Founder and Master Craftsman Al Mower today.