Custom Playhouse Plans

Elegant Playhouse Plans for the Do-it-Yourselfer

Playhouse Rendering Do you want to give your children the gift of their own custom playhouse, but are looking for something that is better quality than the prefabricated playhouses on the market today? Do you want to experience the joy of building your children their very own Elegant Playhouse? If so, you're in luck because Elegant Playhouses is now offering easy to follow, architect quality playhouse plans. Each set of plans runs $195 plus tax and includes all the details and specifications you need to build your children their very own Elegant Playhouse. The two playhouse plans do-it-yourselfers can choose from include:

The Victorian

This gorgeous Victorian playhouse is a classic and one of Elegant Playhouses most popular designs for obvious reasons. Measuring 10ft wide x 11ft deep x 10ft tall the Victorian features a beautiful bay window, a wraparound porch, an elegant Dutch door and an octagonal accent window that lets in plenty of natural light to the interior loft.

The Bungalow

The Bungalow playhouse is another favorite of Elegant Playhouse clients. This traditional style Bungalow measures 10ft wide x 10ft deep x 10ft tall including the open porch area. Like the Victorian it features a stylish Dutch door and interior loft, however the Bungalow also includes shuttered windows and a window seat bump out for children to enjoy.

Custom Playhouse Plans

Custom Playhouse Plans Have you or your children fallen in love with one of the playhouses featured in the photo gallery or do you have something special in mind for your child's playhouse? If so, not to worry - Elegant Playhouses has you covered. Al can help provide you with custom playhouse plans to meet your requirements, including custom plans based off any of the playhouse models in our photo gallery.

Elegant Playhouses can also help you to realize your playhouse vision by helping you create your own custom playhouse plans. While these are not the same professionally drawn architect plans offered above, these drawings do contain all the specifications an experienced craftsman needs to construct their own custom Elegant Playhouse. Since each custom playhouse plan is unique, the time and costs involved in creating them can vary. Elegant Playhouses custom playhouse drawings run $75 per hour.

What began as a simply playhouse for his daughter over 20 years ago has grown into a passion for Elegant Playhouse Founder and Master Craftsman Al Mower. The joy of providing children all over the world the gift of beautifully crafted, durable and high quality custom playhouses is Al's biggest reward. If you have questions about Elegant Playhouse's professional playhouse plans or would like to see about getting your own custom playhouse plans made, call (303) 717-7016 or e-mail Elegant Playhouses today. Al will gladly answer any of your questions while helping you bring the playhouse dreams of your children to life.