Custom Outdoor Playhouses

Custom Outdoor Playhouse Are you looking for a playhouse that can actually add value and curb appeal to your home instead of detract from it? Do you need storage space for toys, bicycles, sports equipment and the like, but need these items to also be easily accessible for your children or grandchildren? Perhaps you want a playhouse to match the look of a home in your favorite movie, book or television show, or even mirror your own home. Whatever your playhouse dreams may be, Elegant Playhouses can help turn those dreams into reality.

For over 20 years our custom, luxury playhouses have been delighting children and families all over the world. Every Elegant Playhouse is carefully designed to your specifications and requirements, painstakingly crafted on site by Founder and Master Craftsman Al Mower from quality materials and finished with an incredible attention to details. The result is a beautiful, durable and unique playhouse that you family is certain to enjoy for years to come.

There are practically no limits when it comes to the exterior features that can be included in your Elegant Playhouse. If you can dream it up, chances are Al can build it. Since there are so many possibilities, it's virtually impossible to list them all here. However, here are a few of the most popular exterior playhouse features Al has included in Elegant Playhouses he has built over the years.

  • Exterior Siding
    All Elegant Playhouses come with classic clapboard siding as a standard feature. However, if you want something more than our standard siding for a playhouse that is truly original and one of a kind, Elegant Playhouses also offers a variety of premium sidings for you to choose from. Some of the most popular exterior sidings Al has used include:

    • Stucco - A mixture of cement, sand, water, lime and acrylic or glass fiber, stucco is a very popular siding material for homes, as well as playhouses, due to its attractiveness, durability and the fact that it requires very little maintenance compared to other exterior sidings.

    • Brick - Known for its durability, beauty and very low maintenance requirements, brick and mortar exteriors arenít susceptible to the same pests that can damage wood siding. Elegant Playhouses offers both brick veneers as well as real brick and mortar exteriors, something not available in other playhouses.

    • Stone - Similar to brick, stone exteriors require almost no maintenance, are resilient and not vulnerable to pests that can damage traditional wood siding. Unlike brick however, stone siding comes is a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures to match nearly any aesthetic. Elegant Playhouses also offers both stone veneers and real stone exteriors depending on your preferences.

    • Cedar Shingles - This traditional form of exterior siding was widely used on many early colonial buildings in New England and has recently been regaining its popularity. Consisting of layer after layer of overlapping wooden shingles, cedar shingles can be applied in an array of different patterns, each providing a different look and style. While cedar shingles do require more maintenance and up keep than some other sidings, there no other type of siding that can match the characterand beauty of a cedar shingled playhouse.

    • Alternative materials - Don't see a siding material you prefer? Have something else in mind for the exterior of your playhouse? Not a problem. Elegant Playhouses can accommodate most exterior playhouse siding requests. For more details, call (303) 717-7016 or e-mail Elegant Playhouses.

  • Roof
    Custom Playhouse Exterior Asphalt shingles have been the long standing roofing staple for decades. Strong, long lasting and less expensive than other roofing shingles, asphalt shingles are standard in all Elegant Playhouses; but by no means are they the only type of roofing shingles we offer. In addition to asphalt shingles, Elegant Playhouses come with the following options:

    • Wood shingles - Made from cedar, due to its natural insect repelling properties, wood shingles are long lasting and easy to repair or replace. While they require more maintenance that some other roofing shingles, they provide a beautiful, natural look unmatched by other roofing materials.

    • Tile shingles - Tile shingles are a great alternative to standard asphalt shingles and more durable than traditional wood shingles. Each type of tile roof has its own unique characteristics in regards to cost, longevity and maintenance requirements. However, on average tile shingles are as rugged and long lasting as the best asphalt shingles and deliver a look that is stylish and elegant. There are a number of different type of tile shingles including:

      • Clay Tile

      • Slate Tile

      • Concrete Tile

      • Spanish Tile

    • Alternative roofing materials - Looking for something other than asphalt, wood or tile shingles for your playhouse? Elegant Playhouses can often accommodate requests for alternative roofing materials. For more details, call (303) 717-7016 or e-mail Elegant Playhouses.

  • Deck\Porch
    One of the most important functions of an outdoor playhouse is to get children outdoors to play. However, if they spend all of their time inside their Elegant Playhouse, they aren't getting the outdoor play they need for healthy growth and development. What better way to get children out of their real house, as well as their playhouse, then with a custom playhouse deck or porch? Elegant Playhouses can help you design a custom deck or porch for your playhouse that is sure to delight.

  • Garage
    One custom feature that most never consider, but that is almost always one of the most useful and convenient features to include in their Elegant Playhouse is a garage. Imagine for a moment a driveway, yard or garden free of clutter such as toys, bicycles, wagons and other miscellaneous items. Imagine all of these items hidden from view but still easily accessible when the children want to play. A custom designed Elegant Playhouse garage is the ideal storage solution for all your children's outdoor play accessories. Of course if storage is not an issue, a custom Elegant Playhouse garage is still a great addition to your playhouse, as it can be utilized as a space for mess arts and crafts that might otherwise create a mess in your home; or use it as a workshop for mechanics, wood working, or a host of other activities that are best suited to spaces outside the home or playhouse.

  • Special Needs
    For children with special needs or physical challenges that require special considerations, Elegant Playhouses is proud to be able to accommodate nearly all special requests. For more details, call (303) 717-7016 or e-mail Elegant Playhouses.

No matter what custom exterior features you want incorporated into your Elegant Playhouse, Founder and Master Craftsman Al Mower will do everything in his power to help bring your playhouse dreams into reality. For more than 20 years, Al has been bringing joy to children all over the world with the gift of a custom luxury Elegant Playhouse. Every Elegant Playhouse is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Custom designed and custom built on-site by Al himself, no other playhouse can even come close to the style, extravagance and undeniable character of an Elegant Playhouse. For more information on our custom features or to see if Al can accommodate your requests, call (303) 717-7016 or e-mail Elegant Playhouses today.