Custom Made Playhouses

Give Your Children or Grandchildren a Safe, Secure and Fun Place to Play that's All their Own

Custom Made Playhouse Are you looking for a way to get your children or grandchildren away from television and electronics and outside where they can foster their imagination? Do you want to provide your children or grandchildren a safe, secure and fun environment to play in that will keep them entertained for years to come? Are quality, durability and craftsmanship features you look for in the products you buy? If you believe that one-size does not in fact fit all, then you need to call Elegant Playhouses.

Children Playing Outdoors Less

Increasingly, researchers are finding children are spending much less time outdoors playing than ever before. While some may blame television, computers, video games and other electronic devices, parents and grandparents concerned about the safety of their children or grandchildren is one of the leading causes of this decline. A recent study conducted by the Mayo clinic found that nearly 75% of parents and grandparents were afraid to let their children or grandchildren play outside in their neighborhood for fear they might be abducted. Given all the benefits of outdoor play for a child’s health and development, it is vital that they have a safe, secure and fun outdoor area to play in. The solution: a custom luxury playhouse from Elegant Playhouses.

Custom Luxury Playhouses

Elegant Playhouses specializes in designing and building high quality, unique, luxury playhouses customized to meet the specifications of you and your children or grandchildren. As you can see by the examples in our photo gallery, these are not your standard, everyday playhouses, but rather beautifully crafted play homes that include such standard features as:

  • Clapboard siding

  • Asphalt roof shingles

  • Fully functional doors and windows

  • A porch light

  • Finished interior walls

  • Baseboards

  • Window trim

  • Canned interior lighting

Custom Playhouse Kitchen Elegant Playhouses also allows you to choose a design from our photo gallery and customize it to fit your needs or they will help you design your playhouse from scratch. Want your playhouse to match your existing home or want to have it designed around a specific theme? Want your playhouse to include a garage, deck or porch? Want your playhouse to include a second story? When it comes to the custom features, the only limits are your imagination. A few examples of the more popular custom features we’ve included in a custom playhouse include:

  • Stucco, brick, stone or wood siding

  • Tile or cedar roof shingles

  • Kitchens with fully functional refrigerators and sinks

  • Custom kitchen cabinetry and countertops

  • Built in shelving, cabinetry and window seats

  • Sconce, chandelier, and task lighting

  • Power outlets and multimedia connections

  • Air conditioning

  • Fireplace space heaters with simulated burning logs

  • Insulated walls

The Elegant Playhouse Advantage

Unlike most playhouse companies who manufacture their playhouses in a factory and then deliver them for you to assemble, all Elegant Playhouses are built exclusively on site by owner and master craftsman Al Mowrer. Also, because many playhouse companies don't build their playhouses on site, they are often very limited as to where they can deliver their playhouses. Al can build your custom playhouse nationally, internationally, or nearly anywhere you wish.

While other playhouse builders take a one-size-fits all approach by offering only a few customizable playhouse designs, Al only builds exquisite and unique playhouses made to your exact specification. All Elegant Playhouses also include standard features such as finished walls, interior and exterior lighting, as well as baseboards and window trim that most other playhouse builders simply don't offer. Best of all, Elegant Playhouses are built to last. Not only are all Elegant Playhouses built with the same high quality building materials as most modern homes, but all Elegant Playhouses are scaled slightly larger than most playhouses so your children or grandchildren can play in them comfortably for many years longer than traditional playhouses.

If you want to give your children or grandchildren the ideal place for them to learn, play and use their imagination, then you need an Elegant Playhouse. Our beautifully crafted playhouses are not only built to last but are also specifically tailored to your exact specifications. Best of all they provide a safe, secure and exciting area outside your home for your children or grandchildren for recreation and growth. Call (303) 717-7016 or e-mail Elegant Playhouses today and discover how one of our custom luxury playhouses can be one of the best investments you'll ever make for your children or grandchildren.