About Elegant Playhouses

A Lifelong Passion for Playhouses

Al Mowrer - Elegant Playhouses Over 20 years ago when Elegant Playhouses Founder and Master Craftsman Al Mower set out to fulfill his two year old daughter's request for a playhouse, little did he know just how far that first little playhouse would take him. From those humble beginnings Elegant Playhouses, the premiere builder of custom luxury playhouses, was born. Today, Elegant Playhouses is world renowned for their high quality, hand crafted custom luxury playhouses. In fact, Al's playhouses were recently featured in a news article on MSN entitled "Poshest playhouses," which delved into the world of high-end children's playhouses.

Anyone perusing Elegant Playhouse's photo gallery can easily see why Elegant Playhouses has earned its reputation as the leading builder of custom luxury playhouses. While the splendor of an Elegant Playhouse is clear, what truly sets Elegant Playhouses apart from all other playhouse producers are the not so obvious elements built into every Elegant Playhouse.


Every Elegant Playhouse begins as an idea, whether it is an idea in the mind of a child, a family member, Al or some other source it makes no matter. Together Al and his clients mold and shape this simple idea into an original playhouse design customized to the clients requirements and specifications. Since no two individuals are exactly the same, no two Elegant Playhouses are ever identical either. Although they may share certain characteristics with one another, each is truly a unique masterpiece carefully tailored to each client. Sure, it would be much quicker and easier if each of our playhouses was built from the same master plan and mass produced in a factory instead of being custom built on site by Al himself. However, it is Elegant Playhouses originality that defines and differentiates Elegant Playhouses from everyone else. Al's lifelong appreciation for building, design and architecture are the foundation Elegant Playhouses was built upon. Each unique playhouse design he helps to realize not only brings joy to the families he works with, they also help fulfill his creative passion.


As anyone that has ever built something knows, there is a certain sense of satisfaction and pride that comes from creating something beautiful by hand. The same holds true for Al with every Elegant Playhouse he designs and builds. While many playhouses are constructed by contractors, who may receive some satisfaction from their work but are ultimately focused on completing a job, Al hand crafts every Elegant Playhouse himself. To him, crafting a custom luxury playhouse is akin to an artist sculpting a masterpiece or an author writing a bestselling novel. It is a Zen-like creative process that satisfies Al's deep-seated desire to creature a wonderful, beautiful and amazing structure and it is evident in every Elegant Playhouse he creates, down to the finest details.

Does it truly matter to a child if their playhouse features custom built in shelving, stylish base boards, window trim or any of the details Al builds into every Elegant Playhouse? Probably not. The real reason why children fall in love with their Elegant Playhouses is that this craftsmanship and attention to detail creates a playhouse that not only looks and feels nearly identical to a real home, but that is scaled and custom tailored specifically to them. To parents, this craftsmanship is more than a mark of pride, it is a sign of quality that gives them the peace of mind of knowing their children will be safe and secure inside a playhouse that is built to last - an Elegant Playhouse.


One of the most important ingredients that goes into every Elegant Playhouse is passion. When Al built his very first playhouse for his daughter over 20 years ago and experienced the joy it brought her over the years, it became his passion to help spread this wonderful feeling. While it would be far easier to prefabricate each playhouse and ship it to customers so they could assemble it themselves, there is a reason why Al hand crafts every Elegant Playhouse on site - the children. The wonder and excitement every child expresses as they watch Al construct their very own Elegant Playhouse is truly magical. The ultimate reward however comes from the exhilaration and joy each child experiences the very first time they play in their new Elegant Playhouse. It is something that Al treasures dearly and is the inspiration behind every Elegant Playhouse he crafts.