Custom Playhouses - Designed and built by Master Builder

Custom Playhouses

We build custom playhouses; you're not getting a pre-built/shipped box house. Instead we'll work with you to build your perfect custom design, These unique, custom playhouses will add grace and beauty to any property. Most importantly, your custom playhouses are designed so that children will get many years of pleasure from them.

For the overall design of your custom playhouse you may like to see a playhouse-sized reproduction of your own luxury house, a miniature version of a property from a fantasy movie, a playhouse designed and custom built around your child's particular interests. It's customized - You choose!>br>
Maybe you want to plan for flexibility in your custom design. For example, some families with two children want a two-storey playhouses with separate access to each level. The children can play together in their custom playhouse but also have their own private space.

Other families have wanted custom built-in elements, such as pull-out beds, media centers, working kitchens, or a built-in stage and dressing room. Let your imagination run wild as we help you create your perfect custom playhouse. td>
Custom childs playhouse